Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kandavar vindilar, vindavar kandilar -- meaning of Tamil phrase

Kandavar vindilar, vindavar kandilar ---- is a Tamil phrase.

It means, "one who has seen hasn't revealed, and one who has revealed hasn't seen". (Kandavar - one who has seen, vindilar - hasn't explained, vindavar - one who has explained, kandilar - hasn't seen).

In recent times, people have started misunderstanding this phrase. They started believing that none can see God, and He is formless, just Energy, which is why, they misunderstood that the phrase, and interpreted it as,"One who has seen Him, can't explain, (meaning He is Energy, and can't see Him), and one who tries to explain, hasn't seen Him, (will never see Him)"

In truth, the phrase, means that, when one sees God, they become immersed in His Beauty, and request Him to take them with Him, and so they don't come back to Earth to say to people, how captivating is His Beauty.
Mahaan/Guru, who come back to Earth, to share their experiences with God, they say, "It is hard to explain His Ultimate Beauty, Prabavam (means influence), Tejas (means brightness), words/language", which is why they say, it has to be experienced. By that they mean, that, He is in Form, and one should see Him through their eyes and have atleast a glimpse of His Beauty, to understand the Bliss in reality, and it can't be expressed in words. But, unfortunately, people have started to misinterpret that God, is just an Energy, and can only be experienced or felt, and can't be seen.

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